Are you a dominatrix?

Not in the standard sense. I use mental domination and overt power dynamics within coaching relationships with my submissive clients. I also employ bits of kink within the coaching relationship, but I am not a hands-on domme in any way.

How does coaching work?

First we chat for 15 minutes to answer your initial questions and get a feel for each other. After that we do an intake session, during which we have a thorough discussion about your goals, address your concerns, uncover potential challenges and hurdles, and make a preliminary plan for coaching.

Following this call we communicate via email and I draft your coaching plan and contract. At this time we also settle on a monthly fee. Once we have everything squared away, I give you several assignments that are based on your specific goals. We schedule check-in times as necessary to move you toward your goals, and we begin the coaching program.

During the program we work on your goals in standard and creative ways, and I will often bring in new approaches as we uncover your internal resistance. Often this will look like homework assignments or reading, sometimes I will bring in physical elements like daily walks, meditation, etc.

How does actual domination play a role in this?

We develop a D/s relationship. I am very clear in my expectations and boundaries, and you always approach with respect. I may use pet names with you (“pet,” “boy,” etc) or other verbal methods to get you in the headspace. I may also chastise you for poor performance, and I will praise you for meeting goals.

I am very creative. I love coming up with ways to involve your kinks in the coaching program. Do we need to keep you chaste so you can focus, only allowing you out when you meet your goals? We can arrange that. Maybe you love serving a woman in boots, and would jump at the chance to polish mine. Meet your goals, and I’ll ship you a pair to polish and return. Perhaps you’ve been told you steamroll people in the office, and you want to work to be more humble. Don’t worry – I’ll come up with a wearable reminder that will keep you in your place.

Also, I often suggest that we arrange that you meet with a professional in this arena for either reward or punishment. If this is part of our agreement, I will usually take a deposit for such a meeting, to be held and used for this purpose (or returned to you at the conclusion of our coaching relationship). Please see our Terms and refer to your contract for a full disclaimer: in short, you agree that you are completely responsible for the entirety of your interaction with a third-party provider.

Do you meet clients in person?

Yes, I will occasionally meet clients in person, in public locations. The majority of our work is done via phone, email, and text.

Where are you located?

I am located in the Seattle, WA, USA area.

What are your fees per month?

Monthly coaching fees depend on the level of support provided, and are typically between $700-$1,500 per month. Because it is unethical to work with you in a way that is not effective, the minimum fee is $500 per month for a basic accountability package. Please note that this basic accountability does not include kink other than the standard coach-client power dynamic. The maximum fee for an all-encompassing, total control coaching experience is $10,000 per month.

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