Refund Policy and Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings Disclaimer and Refund Policy: Coaching

As delineated within this Website, the Company provides various coaching packages that consist of one or many methods of contact such as telephone calls, texts, emails, et cetera, over a specified duration of time. The Company sells these coaching packages as-is, and guarantees time and effort spent in consultation with you as well as research done on your behalf, as outlined in your individual contract. The Company does not, however, guarantee your results. Your results are directly correlated to your efforts as well as a number of other elements that are outside the scope of control of the Company, therefore the Company is not responsible for your results or lack thereof. Any stories or testimonials about other clients’ results are not to be construed as a guarantee of specific results. By choosing to engage the Company in a coach-client relationship, you agree that your results are solely your responsibility, and you agree to hold harmless Ms. V and all collaborators, consultants, and third parties.

Because your results are solely determined by your effort, no refunds will be given in the majority of cases, even if coaching has not taken place prior to your refund request. “Cold feet” are not allowed. The Company has entered into a contract with you and will provide the services outlined in the contract. The Company reasonably expects you to put in the effort and communication when reaching for your goals. The Company also wants the best for you, and the Company believes that this entails pushing you toward your self-identified goals without allowing escape in the form of a refund. By working with this Company you accept this policy.

Extreme cases such as death or extended hospitalization shall be considered in the case payment has been made but coaching has not yet taken place, and proof of such extreme case will be required. Should you choose to request a refund, submit the request and any relevant documents to Refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Company.

Further, should you engage with third parties at the suggestion of the Company, you agree that Ms. V holds no responsibility for your actions or the actions of “collaborators,” defined as third-party consultants, individuals, agents, or companies. You agree that you will do your own research on these collaborators and come to your own decisions about whether or not to engage with them. You agree that you shall never engage in or solicit illegal activities in relation to your engagement with the Company. Further, no refunds shall be given for funds paid to Ms. V and distributed to third-party companies or individuals as per our contract and this Policy.


Money Back Guarantee: Courses

Ms. V wants you to be satisfied with your purchase, therefore offers variable-length refund periods for purchased course material based on the length of the course. The refund period shall be two weeks beyond the length of the course in question (for example, if you request a refund for a six week course, the refund period is eight weeks. For a twelve week course, the refund period is fourteen weeks). However, the Company also requires that you make your best effort to apply the strategies presented in the course. Ms. V does not accept subpar performance, therefore refunds shall only be issued with the submission of proof that you applied the strategies prescribed in the course. You may request a refund by emailing all materials required for proof of application to All refunds are issued at the discretion of the Company.


The proof required for refund is set forth as follows:

Course: 6 Weeks to Submissive Self-Actualization: 8 week refund policy contingent on submission of clearly scanned or photographed journal entries that cover the entirety of questions included within the course, consisting of at least 2 pages longhand per course day (84 pages total), that shows a good faith effort in the program as determined by the Company.


Upon determining that you are entitled to a refund pursuant to this policy, the Company shall issue a directive to our third-party payment processing company to issue a refund. No refunds shall be expedited, as the Company does not control the payment processing company.

If you are to receive a refund pursuant to this policy, you immediately relinquish all rights to any licenses granted to you upon purchasing this course. You relinquish all rights to utilize or access the information contained within the courses for which you were refunded. You agree to destroy all copies of the material contained within the courses, including but not limited to: video recordings, audio recordings, forms, template documents, slide shows, membership areas, and all other resources.