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Accepting new clients summer 2019!

Preference for small business  or professional advancement coaching clients.

First, read through this site, especially the FAQ, but also the Terms, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.  Next, read this page. Finally, send me an email and we’ll get started.

Initial chat: After you email, we’ll schedule a free ~15 minute call.  There will be a deposit of $50 due 48 hours prior to the call, refundable if we decide not to work together.  This deposit will apply to the coaching package we decide is right for you. Please note that this deposit is nonrefundable in the case of a no-show.  The purpose of this call is to determine if I can be of assistance to you and if you’re ready for that growth.  After this call we’ll set an appointment for our intake session, conducted via telephone.

Intake call: The intake session is a thorough examination of you: your goals, habits, personality, triggers, motivations, roadblocks, etc.  We’ll settle on one or a few foci and toss around plans of attack.  We’ll discuss tools – software, typically, but also kink.  We’ll also discuss power play and how it may have a role in attaining your goals. The fee for the intake session is $300, again due 48 hours in advance. We typically do not offer refunds for coaching services, as we believe in holding you accountable. Please see our Refund Policy for details.

Follow up and coaching: In the week following our intake call I will reflect on our time together to build a solid plan, including a schedule for our interactions.  Our coaching relationship may be for 3-6 months or longer, depending on what support you need.  I do require a 3 month initial commitment, paid in full in advance.

Á la carte coaching: I very occasionally offer á la carte sessions to previous clients.  These could be used in the case of a person who needs a session or two to plan for a major life change, or a person who just wants monthly or quarterly accountability but is otherwise fine on their own.  These are offered at my discretion.

Deposits: Often I will ask for a deposit to cover my cost to set up an in-person session with a local professional, to be used either as reward or punishment.  This deposit will be held and refunded in the case that it is not used, but should I decide that you are in need of additional ‘help,’ this deposit will be absorbed by your needs.  In the case that you do not show up for the session, the deposit is forfeit as I will have paid the third-party professional. As per the Terms and our contract, you agree that you are solely responsible for your comfort, physical and psychological safety, and results of any session with a third-party professional.

Fees are due as follows:

Initial chat: 15 minutes – $50 deposit due in full 48 hours in advance.

Intake call: 60 minutes – $300 less the $50 call deposit due in full 48 hours in advance.

Á la carte sessions: Price and duration agreed in advance – due in full 48 hours in advance.

Monthly fees: Pricing varies based on level of support we agree on; typically $700-1500 per month.  3 months’ fees are due in full at the onset of the coaching relationship.  After that, fees are due 48 hours in advance of the next month of coaching.  If we began working together January 15th, you would begin monthly payment April 13th and continue on the 13th of each month thereafter.

Deposits: due as required 48 hours in advance of the onset of the coaching relationship.

Now, email me: