Who Am I?

I am the original Professional Dominant Life Coach℠!


But really, seven years ago I was a kinky  nerd with an idea.


What if, together, we could use D/s dynamics and little bits of kink to improve your life?

What if we could take the discipline involved in a D/s relationship to a whole new level?

What if we could correct your problems caused by relying on internal motivation or willpower by outsourcing the power?

This is how Professional Dominant Coaching was born!


With over a decade of experience playing with power dynamics and hundreds of hours of coaching experience, I have tested and tweaked my approach to best serve my clients. Guiding you into a better version of yourself is incredibly rewarding for both of us. You want to see change in your life, and you also want to please me. I have the tools and force of will to get you there. Now, are you ready to make me proud?


I believe that life is a coin with two sides – growth and death – that are forever intertwined and allowing us to evolve.  I strive to bring you to an intimate connection with the new little growth tips and dead, decaying matter in your life; fostering the former and pruning the latter to add to the compost pile.  While my work deals deeply in change, I do not encourage you to discard the negatives – I work to morph your “negative” traits into positive, embraced, re-formed aspects of self.


I am a NERD. Big time. I currently devour approximately 3,000 hours of information each year via podcasts, audio books, books, articles, and courses. Learning is a full time job.

Because most people can’t commit that amount of time to learning, I feel it’s my duty to distill this information down into the most effective methods available to change your life. I have tested and retested my approaches to habit reconstruction, and I am constantly increasing my arsenal.


I am many things, but I am not a psychotherapist, financial analyst, attorney, medical doctor, or other professional trained and certified in areas that may impact health, well-being, or financial state. Your use of this website, any materials provided by this company, or enrollment in a coaching program signifies your acceptance of this company’s Terms of Service. This includes your agreement that you are fully responsible for your decisions and outcomes related to all information or coaching provided by this company. You also agree that, should you need additional assistance, you will seek it out from the relevant professionals.