Be A Better Sub

“Maybe it’s you.”

Have you been fruitlessly searching for a dominant woman? You think you have all the qualities of the perfect submissive: you’re selfless, helpful, doting, and will give your everything to the right woman. Somehow the right woman keeps passing you up, though.

Yes, it could be her.

Wouldn’t it be better if the issue was you?

Think about it. You can believe that every woman you’ve encountered has serious issues, or that there aren’t enough dominant women in the world. You can keep believing that you’re the ‘perfect’ submissive. You can remain in victim mode.

Or you can decide that the common denominator is you – and do something about it. The most optimistic perspective is extreme ownership. What if, by taking ownership of yourself, you could become someone amazing?

You are an incredible creature.

Yet there’s a reason she hasn’t chosen you. Together, we can uncover that reason. With hard work and persistence, I can help you build yourself into a person that can serve with your entire being – mind, body, and soul.

Are you ready?

Build yourself.